Sweet Gila

Tenderness and sweetness can be found everywhere and anywhere, at any time, in any place. All we have to do is keep an open mind and look for those moments. They might not be big. They might not call attention to themselves. But they are there.

As a case in point, take this beautiful, sweet female Gila Woodpecker. Perched high in a tree in southern Arizona, it was quietly sitting there, calling absolutely no attention to itself, and resting in absolute silence. Yet, with its head tilted “just so,” it exuded peace, calmness and tranquility.

The Gila Woodpecker is found, typically, in the Sonoran desert, and it is possible that their population is in slight decline. Human encroachment into the territory has had its impact upon this wonderful woodpecker, but it is not too late to reverse this trend.

I blinked just after I made this photograph, and when I looked back at the branch, it was empty. Luckily, I have this sweetness to hold onto and remember her.

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