Bison’s Spirit

They emerged from deep within the mists of time. Proud and magnificent, the Bison stood tall on the plains of America. They were not rulers of land, nor did they want to be, yet they were a force to be reckoned with. Thousands, millions, countless and infinite in their numbers, they were always there. Weathering all storms, great and small, they endured.

Until they began to succumb to the one force they had to counter to: being hunted by man for sport. Not out of necessity, not out of reverence, not out of need. Sport. The proud Bison could not stand against this onslaught, and one by one, herd by herd, they began to disappear. The plains no longer echoed to their thunder and their passing was lamented by too few.

But it was lamented, and just before it was too late–barely–man realized the error of his ways. The hunting stopped; Bison flourished where they were and were reintroduced to where they no longer roamed. One by one their hoofs took to the grassy fields once again. And in Yellowstone National Park the Bison are again taking their rightful place, standing tall, standing proud. For despite it all, their spirit was not broken and the mists of time welcomes them back with open arms.

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