Streamy Moose

You would not think that an animal so large could move so easily and so quietly through a forest. In fact, you would think that weighing close to half of a ton would put a damper on stealth. When it comes to a moose, though, you would be completely wrong about that. A moose, large as it is, can move very quietly, even through dense underbrush.

The same applies to a stream, too. Take this particular bull moose–caught walking in the middle of the stream you could not really hear it at all. Moving with a grace that belies its size, he went through the middle of the stream, very intent on moving from there to here.

The stream, by the way, is located in the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming and it was full of spring runoff from a difficult winter there. Streams, and water, present no problems whatsoever to a moose, since they are excellent swimmers, even from birth.

This moose continued his walk up the stream; after a short while he climbed the bank and found a new clump of trees that was more to his liking. What a perfectly streamy moose!

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