Chipmunk TV

Eating a meal in front of a television is a very common thing today. Some people go so far as to eat almost all of their meals with a TV on. We just don’t think that much about it, and whether or not it is good or not is a moot point, since the practice is here to stay.

But what if you are, say, an antelope squirrel? What do you watch with your meal?

The answer is pretty simple: you “watch TV’ with a flower. Flowers are beautiful and entertaining. They are wonderful to look at, and are about as pleasing as you can get in the animal kingdom. Just ask this antelope squirrel, who is clearly enjoying a meal with Flower TV. Best of all, you never have to fight over the remote control or worry about what is on, or even if what is playing is worth watching. A flower is always worth watching.

Perhaps we could all learn something about squirrel TV?

I found this scene in southern Arizona, and I am pretty convinced the squirrel was watching Flower TV.

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