Moose Watch

I was high up on a mountainside in the Watash National Forest, Utah. It was a summer evening, and although the day itself had been pleasantly warm, the evening was now chilly. Of course, being at 9,399 feet had something to do with that, but so did the summer rainstorm that had snuffed out the sun and swept through the area. Everyone outside, and that included myself, was now soaked through and through.

Still, I thought myself, if being soaked doesn’t bother the moose, why should it bother me? With that logic, as well as a light jacket, I continued my watching of the moose cow and calf. They knew I was there, but also, over the course of the evening, they had come to regard me as no threat. As long as I kept a long way off, all would be well. The moose continued their foraging on the mountainside.

At one point, Momma Moose decided to check on me, just to make sure I was behaving. I was, of course. The calf, being a curious youngster, also decided to check on me. We looked at each other, and I made this photograph. The moose turned back to finding some more dinner, and I put away my camera. I watched them for the longest time until it was time to part ways. I wished them both a wonderful evening and headed back down the mountain to find warmth and dryness.

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