Moosen Flower

There is something so amazingly precious about new life. I am forever awestruck at how awesome it is to encounter newborn wildlife, and how important those moments are. From seeing the first steps to watching them learn the ways of the wild, the privilege of seeing nature’s babies is not lost on me.

I first saw this young moose high up on a mountain in the Watasch National Forest in Utah. It was close by its mother, following in her footsteps, doing as she did, and learning what it meant to be a moose. It was raining, and as I watched, quietly and unseen, the rain increased. The three of us were now soaking wet. Moose, however, are not bothered by the rain, so they continued foraging on. I, too, am not bothered by the rain and continued after them.

We went ever up the mountain, the three of us, each of us hunting, although for entirely different things, of course. Eventually, the rain passed and the sun broke through the clouds. Mom was a little ways off, and the baby stood there for a moment looking after her. This photograph was made at exactly that time. The baby moose stood there, still as a stature, in a field of wildflowers, on a perfect summer evening. The moment will remain with me forever.

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