Evening Bear

It was a quiet evening in Yellowstone National Park. It was still early in the spring, yet (by Yellowstone terms; the rest of the country, it seemed, had been enjoying spring for some time) and the evening breeze was cool and wonderfully refreshing. The day had warmed up to a nice comfortable temperature, to be sure, but there is something about an evening breeze that says “refreshing.”

Humans are not the only creatures, it would seem, that find this so. Take, for example, this grizzly bear. It had come out and about in the dusk, checking out its territory to see what might have changed in the day. It was taking its time–no need to be in a hurry when you are at the top, after all, and for all the world looking like it was very much enjoying himself.

At one point, he stopped and looked off into the distance, posing “just so,” and providing the perfect opportunity to capture the moment forever in time.

As dusk gave way to true evening, so did the breeze to a true chill. Human, but not bear, went off in search of warmth. And Yellowstone National Park continued it rhythm.

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