Proud Bighorn

He surveyed his domain with a careful eye. The rest of his flock was foraging a short way down the hill. Nothing amiss there. The hillside was empty, and there were no threats to be wary of. All in order there. Still, he kept a careful eye out, for one could never be too careful.

I caught up with this big horn sheep just outside of Ouray, Colorado. It was a chilly winter day, although the deep of the winter had not yet set in. He wasn’t yet aware of me, which is good, and I made sure to keep it just that way.

Big horn sheep used to range throughout the west, with a staggeringly large population. Unfortunately, they almost became extinct, largely because of the encroachment of man on their territory, along with being hunted and disease. It is estimated that the population when down to just a few thousand around the turn of the century. Luckily, through dedicated conversation efforts, they have rebounded nicely, and today once again occupy their place in the mountains.

The ram gave a last look around and went down the hill to rejoin his flock.

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