Snowy Elk

He stood, patiently. Nature doesn’t tolerate the impatient for long, and this bull elk knew that. He stopped, and waited, surveying the situation carefully before deciding on his next course of action.

This bull elk is high up in the Rocky Mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s fall, right in the middle of the rutting season, and by now he is a seasoned fighter. Still, that doesn’t mean he takes any chances, so he waits when waiting is called for.

It had snowed this morning. Not a heavy snow, but rather a light teasing snow, more of a sign of what is to come than anything else. By midmorning at the latest it would be gone, but for now, it freshened up the landscape and made the warm morning light that much more golden.

Eventually the bull decided what was best, and took stepped forward again. His cows appeared and once again followed him. The procession slowly, gracefully, passed me by and into the morning.

The day went on, the snow melted, but the memory of the morning lives on.

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