Oaky Moss

Nature is extraordinary in her wisdom. She provides stunning vistas, often accompanied by equally stunning sunrises or sunsets, that simply take your breath away. She provides vast plains, and as you look out over them you become lost in the beauty of the emptiness. She provides massive forests, stretching as far as the eye can see and the individuality of each tree melds into a cohesive whole, making for an incredible sight. Yet, despite all that, some of her sights are found on a far smaller scale. They are equally as beautiful and stunning, if not more so.

Somewhere in the reaches of the Coconino National Forest in Arizona, along a small tributary that feeds the diminutive, yet mighty, Oak Creek, there exists a tiny rock outcropping. There is nothing remarkable about the rock itself, that is, until the moss blanketed it in a lovely coat of green. As pleasing as this was, it was still lacking that certain something to make it spectacular. Nature was not done, however, and as fall came and the oak leaves changed color, she had several fall into the moss, in a perfectly pleasing pattern, covering the blanket “just so,” making this amazing tableau.

It doesn’t have to be huge to be beautiful.

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