Oak Variation

The oak tree is an amazing tree,when it comes down to it. Easily overlooked in the forest during summer, because, after all, it is “just” another tree, come fall it absolutely shouts “Look at me!”

Oaks can turn a variety of colors in autumn, and provide much of the classic fall color. This scene, from Oak Creek Canyon, the West Fork, Arizona, is one of my favorites for the wide variation in color. I was hiking through the canyon on a beautiful fall day, enjoying myself immensely. The day had started out a little crisp and cool, but as the morning progressed, it warmed up nicely. By the time I made this photograph everything about the day was perfect, including the scenery. It was so incredible that I was becoming inured to the sights around me.

Then I looked up, and just when I thought I had seen it all, there was this scene. I was awestruck by the variations in color, all right before me. Everything from leaves not yet turned to the classic deep reds, all clumped together.

I continued on my journey, a song in my heart, and color in my camera.

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