Oakleaf Jumble

Fall. A time of change. A time when the world readies itself for the oncoming winter, and prepares to leave behind the warm summer days for the cold nights of the dark winter. It is also a time when the leaves change color, a sight which we all adore and love. Sometimes, we’ll come from miles and miles around to see and walk among the trees in the bright colors, full of smiles to see such wonderful sights.

The days grow colder and shorter, and in due time the trees shed their bright plumage. We all leave them to the winter, sometimes with a longing glance back and sometimes not. But what of the fallen leaves? What happens to them?

Sometimes, they fall into small streams or creeks, like the one that runs through Oak Creek Canyon, the West Fork, near Sedona Arizona. Sometimes, the stream slowly collects its newfound bounty, and hordes them all to itself in an overlooked, isolated corner.

And sometimes a photographer finds this hidden stash, and creates a photograph from it, so he can look at it later and remember the oak leaves as they were that autumn.

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