Snowy Aspens

The wood went on forever.

Standing there, in the nearly unbroken snow, the aspens stretch on toward infinity, and possibly, just quite possibly, beyond. The late afternoon shadows played across the trees and the snow, creating sharp lines which stood in sharp contrast to the trees. And the trees! Those in front of me leaned at an angle–just so–inviting me to lean with them, or at least, draw my eye that way.

And that’s when I saw it! A path. A path! A single trail blazed through the snow there to my left. It went past me and beyond, deep into the woods, probably following them into infinity. What brave explorer had gone before me? What was their fate? For the path went in a single direction in the snow… deep. It went deep.

The sun continued to shine brightly as it moved, and the shadow lines moved with the sun. Still no one came back from the woods. No explorer returned with tales of what lay beyond.

The wood simply went on forever. And eventually, I turned away into the evening.

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