Ghost Watcher

In the end, darkness claims all. It always does.

The transition between day and night is a time of magic, at least to those who watch. The daytime colors ebb and the shadows creep across the land; sometimes this process is quick and happens in the blink of an eye, and sometimes the process is a much slower and drawn out affair. Eventually, though, darkness claims the day.

Here in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico a bird keeps silent sentinel over this day’s transition. The lands of Ghost Ranch lie only in silhouette, with the spire of Chimney Rock still jutting into the sky. Instead of a fiery sunset, as sometimes happens, this one is muted and subdued, the colors ranging from blues and into the indigos. It is gentle transition, this day, and a peaceful one. The bird continues its vigil.

Eventually the darkness is absolute, the summer evening quiet and tranquil, the world waiting for tomorrow. The watcher of ghosts had long given up and headed back to its home. Tomorrow evening, around this time, it will return once again. And watch as darkness claims all, as it always does.

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