Yesteryear’s Mill

The Glade Creek Grist mill in West Virginia isn’t exactly the original mill, and it isn’t exactly in same spot that it started from, but nevertheless, it serves as a potent reminder of days and years gone by. And now that it has been restored, preserved and been given the love and attention that it deserves, it is once again a working grist mill.

Originally, a mill was just across the stream from the present location of the Glade Creek mill, but time eventually won out over the mill and it began to fade into oblivion, just as many of the mills across the country were. After all, progress had come, and in so doing not favored the mills. This mill, however, was special, and every effort was made to preserve it. It was moved across the creek to it’s present location, and parts from two other mills were used to complete and restore it to the present condition. Since 1976 it has stood proud once again, and milled grain using nothing but the power of the small stream.

We’re lucky that this was accomplished for us to marvel at, and we’re lucky that we have such a tangible connection to our past. Meanwhile, the mill continues into time, bridging past and present for all to visit and admire.

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