Antelope’s Arch

Deep within the heart of Lower Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona, lies an arch. The intrepid explorer must travel a bit through the canyon, navigating its tight turns and twists, not to mention its proclivity to drop the floor ten, or more, feet in a single step, before finding this location. Yet, for those that make the journey, they are rewarded with this small “arch”, bridging across the passageway.

Lower Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon, and is formed in the Antelope Wash. It’s two most famous sections, Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon draw people from across the globe to see the colors and patterns woven into its walls. As the sun bounces off the walls the colors subtly change from browns to reds to oranges and even yellows, depending on the time of the day, the day of the year and the amount of sun. All of which is saying that the canyons take on a life of their own, rewarding each visitor with their own unique vision and memories of the canyon.

This arch has a great deal of appeal to me. I love how it connects the two sides of the canyon together, and I love how you can pass under it. The arch seamlessly bridges the walls from one side to the other, and to me, is one of the most beautiful features in either canyon.

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