Antelope’s Swirls

Antelope Canyon, or more precisely, Antelope Wash, is a series of slot canyons known for its extraordinary walls of sandstone. Over the eons, water has carved through the wash, creating the slot canyons from the soft rock. Water, being water, doesn’t move in a straight line, and takes the easiest path; as a result, the canyon’s walls are wider in some places than others, and the floor often far from level. Also, along the way, the walls are made up of fine lines that meander and swirl throughout the canyon.

Add in an enticing mix of sunlight reflecting down through the canyons, and you have an exhilarating experience of color and light playing off the walls. As a result, colors range from mundane brown on a cloudy or overcast day, to yellows and oranges and red, and every shade in between on a bright and sunny day near noon.

This scene intrigues me because of the play of colors down the canyon’s walls. The yellow at top, replete with some desert varnish, quickly blends into the oranges, then slowly into the reds. The passageway continues around the bend, leading, no doubt, to yet more colors.

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