Snowhere Trail

Funny things happen up on top of mountains…funny things indeed. The mere mortals who are way down below sometimes can’t see what happens, but when you have a Bird’s Eye view, well…that’s a different story.

One winter day I was up on Sandia Peak at 10,378 feet, enjoying (if one could consider being insanely cold “enjoyment”. If you’re familiar with me, you’ll realize that I rail against the cold quite often. Yet, for some reason, I keep stepping out in it to take pictures. I guess, then, I am just passive-aggressive toward cold) the day, when, for no good reason, a cloud had the audacity to move over the peak I had happened to be looking at and admiring. After asking the cloud politely to move (it didn’t) I realized that a wonderful photo was staring me in the face. Naturally, as soon as the cloud saw my camera it started drifting away, but not before I was able to capture this shot.

I was deeply intrigued by the idea of the trail that now appears to lead to nowhere…does it continue on, ’round the mountain? Does it stop? Does it lead off the edge of the world? No footprints lead down the trail to snowhere…

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